A self-taught artist, Cicia created a new concept 15 years ago, transforming plastic bottle caps -which she assembles without using glue- into lianas, flowers, vertical gardens and imaginary characters.


 Caring about the preservation of the environment, and drawing her inspiration from nature, she poetically captures the scale and impact of single-use plastic waste.


Having witnessed the invasion of plastic in oceans, forests and cities during her many trips around the world, she decided to use her creative mind to raise awareness about the importance of protecting our lands and oceans and the need to change our behaviour in order to preserve our environment.


Museums, art galleries, cultural centres, event planners, sorting centres and / or recycling factories, town halls, schools and companies regularly display her work and ask her to organise artistic performances and/or workshops during their events, tackling themes such as sustainable development, waste recovery or ecology.

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To enquire about exhibitions, request the purchase or rental of (a) piece(s), the organisation of workshops or just leave me a comment, do not hesitate to contact me.


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